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Find The Shortest Airport Security Line

28 December 2006

This is a random travel tip, but I wish I’d had it for the Christmas season. For those of you who travel regularly on business, it can be the difference between making your flight and missing it. There is a little tool created by the Transportation Security Administration that will let you find out the average time it takes, at any time of day, to get through all the security checkpoints in every U.S. airport. This can be a big deal – I tested several airports and found that the times could vary from a minute or two for the least used checkpoints to 18 minutes at the worst. That means if you regularly use a certain airport, you need to find the quicker ones – you’ll save yourself a lot of time waiting around, and if you’re cutting it close the 15 minute difference could determine whether you make your flight or not. Luckily it also gives you a link to a map of the airport you select, so you can go find the different checkpoints fairly easily.

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    2 Responses to “Find The Shortest Airport Security Line”

  1. Personal Finance Blogger Says:

    Nice tool!

    I seldom worry about it anymore however. Since we moved to Peoria I’ve found that airport security usually out-numbers passengers. The last time I flew out I was the only passenger in “line” at security. Sure you get a pretty thorough screening but it is done very quickly.

    Once you’re in the system you don’t often have to go back through security at transfer points either.

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