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Akismet For WordPress Comment Spam

22 January 2007

For anyone out there using a WordPress blog, I thought I’d give a short plug for Akismet, a comment spam modification you can download that automatically moves comments it deems to be spam over automatically into a “spam” moderation queue, so that you can delete them all automatically. I’ve been mostly off the Internet in my spare time recently because of a ceiling cave-in at my apartment, and normally there will be fifty or so spam comments about granny trannies or asking whether I can see their list of Cialis links. I had about 1200 of those in my spam queue when I just checked it – all filtered away from the legitimate ones. It’s a great time-saver if your blog uses WordPress.

Discuss this in the Free the Drones Forums.

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    3 Responses to “Akismet For WordPress Comment Spam”

  1. Jade Says:

    Thanks for this tip – I have Akismet activated on my wordpress blogs, but since my blogs are new, they haven’t had too much spam yet – it’s good to know that the Akismet will kick in when the time comes!

  2. Savannah Moniz Says:

    Very useful information was found here, thank you for your work.

  3. Chantal Says:

    A little off the subject here. I am looking to set up a blog – your spam comments are very helpfull. I’ve been thinking of using the wordpress platform on my own server. Would you recommend them as being the best to use with your experience?